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I grew up around hunting but to be honest never shot a gun until just before the class. I took this class to become more informed and become less fearful of a gun. The instructor was fabulous and I really learned a lot. I would highly recommend anyone taking this class not just those looking to carry. – Summer O

Great class! very fun and informative about the responsibility of handguns and the proper use of them, Gary is a great instructor! very enjoyable to listen to, it's apparent he loves what he's doing, I recommend this class even if you probably wouldn't carry, its great info Thanks again Gary! – Scott G

Class was very informative the instructor was very knowledgeable on all questions. – Angel A

Very good Class, very informative he explained the legal aspects and responsibility you take on if you choose to carry a Gun.Excellent material. Scott S

Great class. Gary was informative and sincerely committed to giving us a feel for the seriousness of the responsibility one takes on when possessing a conceal/carry permit and choosing to own and possess a firearm. – Richard P

Extremely helpful - Great beginner & refresher course for renewal! Thanks Gary - great job of teaching. Rob T

Excellent class, especially the explanations of the use of deadly force, consequences of using it and if used how your life will change! – Lyndon H

Very thorough training, will recommend training to others. Orion H

This was my first class and I found it very informative. A friend of mine gave me a rundown of proper gun procedure, but I really appreciated the legal information in this class. Thank you. – Brad B

Great instructor that did a great job of teaching situational learning. A lot of great info not only on mechanisms, but also what our rights are as permit carriers. – Stephen O

Gary, you continue to improve in communicating basics. Great examples to clarify points, injection of humor. Breaks up the intensity. – Steve W

Excellent! All the hard work is showing. Very nice presentation. Video's look excellent! – Tony C

Informative and very well organized. The instructor was top-notch...he was extremely knowledgeable and handled every question easily and without hesitation. I would highly recommend this class! – Colleen H

This was an excellent class. The instructor was very knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough, and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a new or renewed gun carry permit. – Steve H

This is a great class, as an older women renewing her license, I was made to feel totally comfortable. The classroom instruction part of the class was very informative, can tell instructor had lots of experience. I would highly recommend his class for anyone wanting to get their license to carry! – Linda D